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      September 22, 2018

      Introduction to Yoga Program

      Are you a beginner? This introductive yoga program is the ideal way to start your journey to the yoga practice! We are happy to provide you with a 2-hour session at an affordable price.

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      September 20, 2018

      Ashtanga Yoga Practice & Philosophy

      Our professional yoga instructor Derrick Ramsey welcomes everybody to ATTA Yoga Studio to attend a morning of Astanga Yoga Practice and Philosophy. This class comprises pranayama, chanting, and fascinating stories about Sri Lakshmi.

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      September 13, 2018

      Discovering Peace: Yin Yoga and Self-Inquiry

      This session is devoted to self-discovery while staying aware of who you really are. By means of meditative yoga practice, we will complete several cycles of circular breathing while paying attention to our inner true self.


    • Starting on October 14, 2018Jakubowskiport, Dubai

      The Heart Retreat with Ray Peterson

      This is a great chance for committed yoga practitioners in search of extra guidance and inspiration in their professional practice: a 10-day retreat headed by Ray Peterson in the spiritual center Mandali on the Sharjah Lake - Jakubowskiport, Dubai.

    • Starting on May 27, 2018Kertzmannside, Italy

      Countryside Meditation Retreat with Daniel Shoe

      A great chance to profoundly (re)connect with yourself through plunging into the meditation practice! Use this weekend to totally forget about everything and just stay with yourself — to get an opportunity to be who you are. Daniel will create a space which is an open, supportive, loving, and extra safe to explore your most authentic being.

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